The International Camera Repair (ICR) service center was established in 1983. It is one of the leading and most reputable camera repair firms in the United States. We provide services through out United States. ICR is a member of the Better Business Bureau and of the Society of Photo Technologists. We have been appointed an Authorized Service Station by Canon, Konica and Fuji. ICR repairs most brands and models of photographic equipment (video, digital, audiovisual). We are warranty station for Federal Warrantech, WACA, Techniguard and many more

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1186 E. Walnut St.
Pasadena, CA 91106
Telephone: (626) 440-0699
Fax: (626) 440-1023

Service Overview
International Camera Repair, Inc. Repairs,buys and sells preowned photographic, vidoegraphic and Telescopic equipment.
ICR is extremely organized and factory-like. Our repair activity is on a large scale, from highly automated to completely computerized, and is very efficient. Our turnaround time is generally a week to ten days. We provide a very friendly and responsive customer service atmosphere. We also sell secondhand and refurbished photo equipment. We invite you to enjoy the advantages and benefits of working with our establishment's quick and dependable services.

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E-mail Us: Contact@Intlcamerarepair.com,
 Call Us: (626) 440-0699, Fax (626) 440-1023
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